Membership Packages

As CAMP Rehoboth moves into its second generation, we look back on our first two decades with a sense of awe and appreciation. We have a community where we are safe and comfortable in and around Rehoboth and that is simply why we come here to visit, party, or put down roots. Much of our comfort level is due to CAMP Rehoboths unceasing and targeted efforts to "Create A More Positive" environment here in Sussex County, Delaware.

Carrying on the work to keep the community safe and comfortable, maintaining our visible presence, and continuing to host terrific events and programs requires ongoing annual support. Become a member of CAMP Rehoboth, and you will be providing that annual ongoing support.

There are seven levels of membership which are listed here, each with a different premium. The premium discounts apply to the following CAMP Rehoboth produced events: Women’s Weekend Conference, Concerts and Golf; CAMP Rehoboth Golf Tournament; Sundance (Auction and Dance), CAMP Summer Concerts and Performances, Black and White Beach Ball, New Year’s Eve Gayla, and more.

To sign up, please print and mail the CAMP Membership PDF or call the CAMP Rehoboth office if you have questions. We look forward to welcoming you as a member of CAMP Rehoboth.